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SHAPE Your Outcomes

"I have discovered the gold I had hidden in me"

The SHAPE program made me realize that despite what I have passed through, I am real gold. Now I appreciate myself much better and take every decision with this new consciousness.

Anu Onabajo

Entrepreneur, Trainer

Lagos, Nigeria

SHAPE Your Outcomes

"The program set me on a renewed path in life"

Going through the SHAPE program, I was able to reset my motivation for a lot of my goals. I could see that I had wrong motivations for most goals I was chasing and I realized I was headed for an unfulfilled life. Now I am on a renewed path because of the program.

Philip Emmanuel

Coach, Writer

Benin, Nigeria

SHAPE Your Outcomes

"I feel so refreshed, renewed and proud of myself"

I feel so refreshed, renewed and proud of who I have become as a result of my SHAPE journey. I also feel very accomplished as I visualize an older version of me smiling at me in appreciation and approval. I feel blessed and grateful.

Emi-Johnson Umoeka


Kaduna, Nigeria

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SHAPE Your Authentic Self

"I could never catch up...now I have learnt to take a deep breath and embrace it all"

She shares how the SHAPE program helped her stop the cycle of self-blame and dissatisfaction that kept her from enjoying the her relationship with her children and getting the best out of her work.

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SHAPE Your Outcomes

"I learnt to positively reinforce my self worth"

In the SHAPE program, I understood that i am not who somebody in my head says I am. I discovered a new way to positively reinforce my self worth, be kind to myself and celebrate my true value.

Jesse Dinju


Jos, Nigeria

SHAPE Your Outcomes

"I have grown more empathetic both to myself and to others"

Starting the SHAPE program helped me to learn to be kind to myself even when I fall short in some way, and also to be more empathetic to others, understanding that they are different from me and are their own authentic selves. These have brought a lot my calm and happiness to my life generally.

Covenant Ogbonna

Doctorate Student

Lefkosa, Cyprus

SHAPE Your Grief

"I was able to turn loss into an opportunity"

Losing my mum came with a lot of difficult emotions to deal with and I was not sure if I could get over it. The guided meditations, activities and tailored insights helped me not only get over it but also harness the lessons in bonding with my family.

Ajubo Diepiriye


Port Harcourt, Nigeria

SHAPE Your Grief

"The program helped me to not lose myself during a difficult season of loss"

During one of the most difficult and overwhelming seasons of my life (the loss of my mum), the SHAPE program helped me to not lose myself and to centre myself and remain grounded in dealing with the loss.

Arshi Jain

Data Analyst

New Brunswick, Canada

SHAPE Your Outcomes

"I have found more courage to pursue my goals and dream life"

I had always sabotaged myself in the pursuit of most of my goals and dreams; often backing off easily when I felt I did not have the resources, qualifications or wherewithal for those dreams. Now I look at every goal with the sage mindset of opportunity and the courage to start regardless of limits.

Chimezie Nwabueze

Consultant, Web Designer

Port Harcourt, Nigeria

SHAPE Your Outcomes

"I love this journey and it's been worth the time"

Since I started shape program,I have known how to identify my saboteurs and how to be able to win over them. The meditation keeps me in check everytime and now I know the judge and I tell him he doesn’t have control over me. I love this journey and it’s worth my time. It has been lovely.

Daniel Adetutu

Student, Artist

Ilaro, Nigeria

SHAPE Your Outcomes

"Because of the shape program rays of hope returned. I began to breathe."

Shape exposed me again to my strengths, taught me how to handle life from the point of strength in spite of my weaknesses, proffering better solutions to simple problems. And now my life is practically back on track: my drive is back, my push is back, my energy is back. Focus has returned.

Ogunkunle Olupero

Education Consultant

Abeokuta, Nigeria

SHAPE Your Outcomes

"I discovered a happier, more fulfilling way of approaching life and living the life I am happy with"

Starting the program gave me a reality check about myself and how I have allowed the lies of my saboteurs to hold me back. Now I have discovered a happier, more fulfilling way of approaching life and living the life I am happy with, and it shows in my relationships too.

Victoria Adeola


Nairobi, Kenya

SHAPE Your Outcomes

"I practically hated myself and could go on for days listening to the voices that condemned me."

Because of this program, I’ve been able to use my sage brain to fight these negative voices, and now I have learnt to let go of self-condemnation and judgement.

The shape program has made me lead a happier life.

Umoru Victory

Writer, Speaker

Benin City, Nigeria