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SHAPE is a system of growth that combines Self-Coaching, Self-Therapy and Self-Agency based on Positive Intelligence and delivered via an app-based solution for ease of accessibility.  S.H.A.P.E. leverages experiential, real-time interruptive and evidence-based learning with pre and post validated assessments. 
S.H.A.P.E. uses quick, daily activities to build a long-lasting habit that transforms your life and sustains your growth. SHAPE pivots on the human psychology of habit formation that consistent little efforts over a sustained period of time yields much greater results than one-off intensive trainings which wear off after initial exposure.

Tekena Ikoko

Tekena Ikoko (MBA, PCC) is an ICF-Certified Life Coach, A Tiny Habits Certified Coach, A Positive Intelligence Coach, and the Co-Creator of the SHAPE program.

He is the Director of Operations for Teksamton Coaching Inc, a Canada-based coaching focused on empowering clients and institutions in personal, professional, and corporate growth.

Tekena has authored over 16 books with over a million cumulative copies sold and still selling.

Tekena leverages empathy and a keen insight into human behaviour in helping clients get better results in their lives.

Tip The Scales In Your Favor

Build new mindsets and habits that sustains the results that create the life and outcomes you desire and deserve.