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Anger, a universal human emotion, can range from mild irritation to intense fury and rage. It is a complex emotional state with significant psychological and physiological effects on individuals. Anger management programs, like the one developed here, are grounded in understanding these complexities and providing strategies for effectively managing and expressing anger in a healthy manner.

Relevant Theories & Concepts

The program is based on several key psychological theories and concepts:

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

CBT principles are applied to help individuals recognize, challenge, and change maladaptive thought patterns and behaviors associated with anger (Beck, 2011).

Emotion Regulation

Gross’s (1998) process model of emotion regulation underlies the techniques used in the program, emphasizing the importance of awareness, understanding, and management of emotional responses.


Mindfulness techniques are incorporated to enhance emotional awareness and acceptance, based on Kabat-Zinn’s (1990) work in mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR).

Social Learning Theory

Bandura’s (1977) theory informs the understanding that behaviors, including anger responses, are learned through observation and interaction with the social environment.

The Goal

Anger, when mismanaged, can lead to negative outcomes including relationship problems, workplace conflicts, health issues, and psychological distress. This program addresses the need for effective anger management strategies by offering a structured approach to understanding anger’s triggers, functions, and constructive expression.

Participants can expect to gain:

Program Overview

The program consists of the following six modules:

Module 1: Getting to Know Your Anger

This module is a foundational journey into understanding anger as a natural and universal emotion. Participants are introduced to the concept of anger, its various manifestations, and the underlying reasons behind it. They learn to recognize their personal triggers and the effects anger has on their lives, alongside debunking common misconceptions about anger. The goal is to start seeing anger not as an enemy but as a signal worth paying attention to, paving the way for more constructive handling of this powerful emotion.

Module 2: The Message Behind Your Anger

Delving deeper into the complexities of anger, this module focuses on understanding the messages anger is trying to communicate. Participants explore the functions of anger, from its role in survival to its importance in social bonding and change. The sessions cover how unmet expectations and needs, both regarding oneself and others, as well as crossed personal boundaries, contribute to feelings of anger. Through reflective exercises, the aim is to shift the perception of anger from a disruptive force to a valuable tool for identifying and addressing unfulfilled needs and violated boundaries.

Module 3: Dealing With Angry Feelings

This module introduces practical strategies for managing the physical sensations and emotional intensity of anger. Techniques such as deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, and physical activity are covered to help dissipate anger’s energy and reduce its physiological impact. Participants are encouraged to develop a personalized anger time-out plan, creating a practical framework for cooling down and returning from anger-induced timeouts. The focus is on early detection and intervention, empowering participants to take control of their anger before it escalates.

Module 4: Dealing With Angry Thoughts

Focusing on the cognitive aspects of anger, this module addresses how thoughts and perceptions influence emotional responses. Participants learn to identify and challenge common angry thoughts and cognitive distortions, such as taking things personally or blaming others. Exercises in creating calming thoughts and reinterpreting events that trigger anger are designed to change habitual thinking patterns. The goal is to cultivate a mindset that facilitates more balanced reactions and promotes a calmer, more reflective approach to potentially anger-inducing situations.

Module 5: Expressing Anger Constructively

This module explores the dynamics of expressing anger in healthy, non-destructive ways. It covers the spectrum of anger expression, from passive-aggression to assertiveness, and provides tools for effectively communicating anger without resorting to aggression. Strategies for verbal expression, setting boundaries, and making apologies are discussed, with an emphasis on maintaining respect and empathy in interpersonal interactions. Participants are guided to practice these skills, aiming to improve their ability to express anger in ways that are constructive and conducive to positive change.

Module 6: Integration in Daily Life

The final module is dedicated to enhancing overall emotional resilience and reducing vulnerability to anger. It introduces the “Five S’s” strategy: Sleep, Stress management, Substances, Sustenance, and Sickness, as foundational elements for a balanced lifestyle that mitigates anger’s grip. Participants develop a comprehensive anger regulation plan, incorporating allies and strategies learned throughout the program. The module concludes with reflection on personal successes, analysis of setbacks, and forward-looking strategies for sustained anger management.
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"I have discovered the gold I had hidden in me"

The SHAPE program made me realize that despite what I have passed through, I am real gold. Now I appreciate myself much better and take every decision with this new consciousness.

Anu Onabajo

Entrepreneur, Trainer

Lagos, Nigeria

"The program set me on a renewed path in life"

Going through the SHAPE program, I was able to reset my motivation for a lot of my goals. I could see that I had wrong motivations for most goals I was chasing and I realized I was headed for an unfulfilled life. Now I am on a renewed path because of the program.

Philip Emmanuel

Coach, Writer

Benin, Nigeria

"I feel so refreshed, renewed and proud of myself"

I feel so refreshed, renewed and proud of who I have become as a result of my SHAPE journey. I also feel very accomplished as I visualize an older version of me smiling at me in appreciation and approval. I feel blessed and grateful.

Emi-Johnson Umoeka


Kaduna, Nigeria