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Sustain the growth and transformation you have achieved in the 12-week core program and ensure you don’t fall back to old patterns.

ExperienceSHAPE is a flagship of Texsamton Coaching Inc.

If you are resident in Africa and seek a special discount, kindly send an email to experienceshape@gmail.com

PQ With Shirzad Subscription

PQ GROW (Monthly)

Keep exercising the PQ muscles you have built in the 6 weeks PQ program with this monthly GROW subscription.

ExperienceSHAPE is a flagship of Texsamton Coaching Inc.

Why should I subscribe?

Subscription to the SHAPE platform offers you the opportunity to enjoy the full benefits available in our community. You enjoy the full post-program packages and access to community support and sustained growth.

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Get unlimited access to the SHAPE program plus access to our global community, guided meditations, daily inspirations, monthly live calls and workshops.