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6 Weeks | Synchronized Activities | Accountability

The SHAPE YOUR WELLBEING programĀ  (ACT Self-Help Program) is designed to empower clients in their journey toward psychological flexibility using the principles of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). The program aims to facilitate self-guided exploration and application of ACT techniques, enhancing individuals’ ability to handle difficult thoughts and feelings, identify values, and take committed action toward a meaningful life.

What You Get From This Program

Self-paced growth

Instead of hyper-intensive programs that are hard to keep up with, you get a program designed to accommodate your schedule while delivering truly transformational activities.

Focus on consistency

With short daily activities over 6 weeks, you gradually and consistent build the competences and skills required to get you the results you need to transform your outcomes.

Sustained result

The net result of our system is that you build a new habit and lifestyle that sustains the results that create the life and outcomes you desire and deserve.

6 Weeks of Transformation

The program’s structure is thoughtfully designed to encompass the six core processes of ACT: Cognitive Defusion, Acceptance, Present Moment Awareness, Self-as-Context, Values, and Committed Action. Each module includes a mix of theoretical explanations, practical exercises, and reflective questions to facilitate deep learning and personal application (Hayes, Strosahl, & Wilson, 2012).

Week 1: Watch Your Thinking (Defusion)

GOAL: Introduce the concept of cognitive defusion, helping clients to detach from and observe their thoughts without getting caught up in them.

Week 2: Open Up (Acceptance)

GOAL: Encourage clients to embrace their feelings and experiences without judgment or resistance, fostering a stance of openness and acceptance.

Week 3: Be Here Now (Mindfulness)

GOAL: Focus on mindfulness, teaching clients to engage fully with the present moment, enhancing awareness and engagement with their current experiences.

Week 4: Pure Awareness (Self as Context)

GOAL: Explore the concept of self-as-context, helping clients to understand the observing self that is constant and separate from thoughts, feelings, and sensations.

Week 5: Know What Matters (Values)

GOAL: Assist clients in clarifying their personal values, identifying what is most important and meaningful in their lives.

Week 6: Do What It Takes (Committed Action)

GOAL: Guide clients in setting goals aligned with their values and taking concrete steps towards these goals, despite potential obstacles.

Scientific Foundations

The SHAPE YOUR WELLBEING program is based on the ACT Self-Help Program and is rooted in a robust body of research demonstrating the effectiveness of ACT in improving psychological flexibility and overall well-being. Studies have shown that ACT is effective across various contexts, including mental health, physical health, and personal development, underscoring its versatility as a therapeutic approach (Hayes & Smith, 2005). The program draws on empirical evidence to support its methodologies and practices, ensuring clients engage with scientifically validated techniques.

Getting The Best Out of This Program

To get the best out of this program, it’s essential to approach its application with flexibility. You are encouraged to:

  • Embark on the program with an open mind and a commitment to self-exploration, pacing yourself to allow for profound personal insights and growth.

  • Engage actively with the exercises and reflections, embracing them as opportunities for learning and transformation.

  • Be patient and persistent, recognizing that change is a process that unfolds over time.

  • Utilize the program as a complement to ongoing therapy, facilitating discussions around your experiences and insights gained from the program during sessions.

  • Discuss your experiences, obstacles, and breakthroughs during therapy sessions to enrich your learning and tailor the program to your needs.

  • Intentionally document your journey and celebrate your growth through the process to reinforce motivation.

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S.H.A.P.E. Helps You

Unravel Your Happiest & Most Productive Life

The SHAPE program has produced some outstanding transformation stories. People across the world giving testimonies about how they have re-shaped their outcomes in family, relationships, personal fulfilment, business, health and finances.

Stories From This Program

"I have discovered the gold I had hidden in me"

The SHAPE program made me realize that despite what I have passed through, I am real gold. Now I appreciate myself much better and take every decision with this new consciousness.

Anu Onabajo

Entrepreneur, Trainer

Lagos, Nigeria

"The program set me on a renewed path in life"

Going through the SHAPE program, I was able to reset my motivation for a lot of my goals. I could see that I had wrong motivations for most goals I was chasing and I realized I was headed for an unfulfilled life. Now I am on a renewed path because of the program.

Philip Emmanuel

Coach, Writer

Benin, Nigeria

"I feel so refreshed, renewed and proud of myself"

I feel so refreshed, renewed and proud of who I have become as a result of my SHAPE journey. I also feel very accomplished as I visualize an older version of me smiling at me in appreciation and approval. I feel blessed and grateful.

Emi-Johnson Umoeka


Kaduna, Nigeria