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SHAPE Your Career Next Steps

4 Weeks | Synchronized Activities | Accountability

In this 4-week quest for work and career productivity, you explore your work routines, patterns, aspirations, values and explore through the eyes of your sage mind how to unlock a Sage-Driven approach to finding work and career fulfillment, leveraging your values and producing the outcomes that you desire.

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What You Get From This Program

Self-paced growth

Instead of hyper-intensive programs that are hard to keep up with, you get a program designed to accommodate your schedule while delivering truly transformational activities.

Focus on consistency

With short daily activities over 4 weeks, you gradually and consistent build the competences and skills required to get you the results you need to transform your outcomes.

Sustained result

The net result of our system is that you build a new habit and lifestyle that sustains the results that create the life and outcomes you desire and deserve.

4 Weeks of Transformation

Week 1: Discovery, Core Values, Preferences & Support

In the first week the focus is on exploring your best days and worst days, and identifying what matters to you, what your preferences are in line with your core values, and how you can get support for productivity.

Week 2: Flow, Triggers, What You Care About & Your Ideal Career Design

In the second week, delve into exploring what and how to create flow in your work, uncover your triggers in the workplace, identify and visualize your ideal work design and what you care to do right.

Week 3: Deal-Breakers, Change Seeking & Stress Management

Week 3 helps you explore what your career deal-breakers are, understand your reasons for seeeking change, explore the options through your sage mind and leverage stress-reduction techniques for productivity.

Week 4: Your Best 'Work' Self, Healthy Boundaries & Goal Realization

In the final week, your explore what your best possible self could be with the powers of your sage mind. You explore different ways to set healthy work boundaries in your career journey, and explore goal realization strategies.

S.H.A.P.E. Helps You

Unravel Your Happiest & Most Productive Life

The SHAPE program has produced some outstanding transformation stories. People acroos the world giving testimonies about how they have re-shaped their outcomes in family, relationships, personal fullment, business, health and finances.