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Meet Eric

Smart. Driven. Focused. Non-sentimental. Eric is a young entrepreneur. Ever since he was 15, Eric had always been driven to do great things. Having graduated with honors in College, Eric took up work with a blue chip company, and in 3 years he rose up the ranks pretty fast.

Then Eric quit to start his own company and become the next big shot.

Eric is smart. But Eric hardly has a life outside of work. Spending time on social events or hanging out with colleagues is a waste of precious time for Eric. Eric has no close friends as he has no time for anything outside his business.

At 14, Eric lost his mother and his father always saw him as a dull child. So Eric has spent his whole life trying to over-achieve to prove his father wrong. Sometimes, this translates to self judgment and disappointment if he fails at something or doesn’t meet his own expectations.

Eric is doing well, but the voice of his father still haunts him and he never feels good enough about himself.

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